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The highest quality natural ingredients Blended by the world’s greatest perfumers Incredible fragrances at an accessible price

Fragrances contain non-toxic ingredients 100% clean beauty compliant
High concentration of naturals

The highest quality natural ingredients. Blended by the world’s greatest perfumers. Incredible fragrances at an accessible price.

Fragrances contain non-toxic ingredients. 100% clean beauty compliant. High concentration of naturals.


Express your preferences

Take a short discovery journey to let
us know your favorite moods,
scents, and the moments you want to enhance.


Design the bottle

Enter our design studio to make
your work of art truly yours by
naming your fragrance and
personalizing your bottle.


Receive your creation

Then just sit back and wait while our
perfumers go to work. In a few days
you’ll receive a package from us with
your unique custom fragrance inside.


Money back guarantee

We'll reimburse you in full if for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your fragrance. Or if you prefer we can try again

Finally fragrance that's easy to gift

You gift it.
They create it.
Give the gift of customized fragrance.

let’s get started

Finally fragrance that's easy to gift

You gift it.
They create it.
Give the gift of customized fragrance.

let’s get started

Three fragrances,
seven possibilities.

The extremely high quality of our clean, natural ingredients makes our fragrances perfect for layering. With your purchase of one 50ml fragrance, we include two companion fragrances that are designed to be layered for the moment-perfect scent. Time to start your fragrance wardrobe!

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Our story

“It’s time to think differently about your perfume. It’s time to explore the possibility of your very own customized fragrance – your unique personal calling card at an uncompromised quality. What if your fragrance could complement your every mood, setting or desire throughout the day? What if you could then combine your personalized fragrances through layering to create infinite additional moods and settings? You could dial it up for a seductive effect, tone it down for quiet contemplative moments or find the perfect combination for everything in between. It’s no longer about the brand. It’s about you and your moments. time for a new olfactory wardrobe!”

waft founder valerie boffy

Valerie xo

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founder valerie boffy

founder valerie boffy

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