Welcome to Waft. It’s time to think differently about your perfume. It’s time to explore the possibility of your very own customized fragrance – your unique personal calling card. What if your 
 fragrance could complement your every mood, setting or desire throughout the day?

What if you could then combine your personalised fragrances through layering to create infinite additional moods and settings? You could dial it up for a seductive effect, tone it down for quiet contemplative moments or find the perfect combination for everything in between.

I am excited to share my passion crafting perfume from the highest quality sustainable ingredients with you. I hope that this olfactory journey, where you will discover and craft your own custom fragrance, brings a smile to your face. Our goal? To bring back the craft of personally commissioned perfume and make it available to you.

To replace the cacophony of brands, imagery and slick advertising of today’s perfume industry with a single, simple message – the ultimate fragrance is that which is truly yours.

Explore, create and enjoy.

Valerie xo