What is Waft and what does it mean?

The brand has been built based on the definition of Waft (verb \ˈwäft, ˈwaft\): "to pass gently through the air".

Waft is a revolution in fragrance, enabling our customers to design personalized fragrances made by the worlds leading perfume artists and crafted from the finest ingredients sourced around the world. We let you personalize a scent which expresses who you are moment-to-moment and celebrates your unique preferences and tastes. The quality of our fragrances is eight to ten times higher than other luxury fragrance houses, enabling us to return to the fragrance industry a level of excellence that has not been seen in decades.

What is the Waft Lab?

The Waft Lab is our interactive experience where you step through a series of dynamic questions and imagery designed to establish the core elements of a fragrance tailored to all that makes you...you.

What is the Waft return policy?

We realise that buying a perfume online inevitably raises the question "how do I know that I will like it?" But we are so certain that you will love what we send you that we offer you an iron clad, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason and at any time you are not fully satisfied, contact our customer support and we will arrange to return your order – shipping costs for the return are on us!

How long will an open bottle last?

Fragrance certainly doesn’t last forever - not even our beautiful Waft creations. Twelve months is the luxury fragrance industry norm once a bottle has been opened. If not opened, and stored away from light and heat, a bottle can last two years or more. Once opened, a good way to preserve your fragrance is to keep it in the refrigerator.

How do I know that I’ll like the scent of the “New Me”?

It's natural to ask this question when purchasing fragrance online. To assure your satisfaction, you will receive the beautiful signature scents that have been tailored to your mood and moment through taking the WaftLab journey. We are confident you will love them and will create some more unique scents when layering and wearing them together. Part of your discovery and journey is to experiment with "The New You's" and experience the dynamic fragrance combinations that our experts have provided for you. And remember, you can always return it if you are truly not satisfied.

Is Waft available in retail shops?

We are a custom e-commerce site so you can craft your very own unique fine fragrance, tailored to your specific tastes, anytime, anywhere.

Where do your ingredients come from?

All our fragrances come from IFF, a leading global creator of flavors and fragrances headquartered in New York but present worldwide. For mutagenicity, in-vitro studies are usually sufficient for all new molecules test. For skin sensitization, human patch tests (HRIPT) are used to derive potency of the reaction and recently in-vitro studies have also been validated. We would also like to invite you to visit www.iff.com for more information should you require more.

Why do you ask for a branded base fragrance?

Our perfume specialists use this as a rough guide as to the kind of fragrance you are likely to prefer, based on the fragrance's family and the spider graph that you would see when you enter your base fragrance. This is not to say that we will duplicate the base fragrance as that is not what we aim to do here and we have no intention of doing so. It is just for reference so we know what you might prefer and we can create a fragrance that you most probably will like based on the family, sub-family, sub-group, and key ingredients of the fragrance you have selected.

Describe perfume making process

The process of making perfumes can be lengthy and requires the coordination of a few important roles. Every perfumer has his/her own way of creation but all great perfumes have to start somewhere.

The creative process for a perfume begins with an idea for a fragrance whether it is written out as a fragrance brief, or shown as a mood board.The perfumer, who has gone through years of training, works on this idea by selecting ingredients of his/her choice from his palette (like an painter choosing his colours) and writing up a formula with their dose.

The formula is compounded by his assistant and here's where evaluators come into the picture. Evaluators are important to the process as they provide objective views on whether the fragrance that was made fits the brief. It is quite unlikely that the fragrance would be perfect on its first iteration so it goes back to the perfumer who creates new versions, or mods as they are commonly known as (modifications), of the fragrance based on the feedback from the evaluator or team of evaluators.

This process of improving and refining the fragrance may go on for a few weeks, months or even a year and slightly more, depending on how much time the project is given.

Like fine wines and award-winning cheeses, great perfumes usually require a period of maturation and maceration before they are bottled and sold. First the newly formulated fragrance oil is left to mature for a week or two, before alcohol is added and the mixture left to macerate for a more few weeks before it is filtered and then bottled. This process although time-consuming, is necessary to develop the fragrance to its full potential.

What is EDP?

EDP is the acronym for Eau De Parfum which is used to identify the concentration or dosage of the fragrance oil in the perfume. This concentration can lety from brand to brand but, in general, this is understood to range from 8% to 15%. Here at Waft we use 15 to 20%.

What does 79% volume mean?

For duty and delivery purposes, we have to declare the alcohol content in the perfume which is 79%. The rest of it is the perfume oil (15 to 20%)

Why such high alcohol content?

All fine fragrances on the market contain similar levels of alcohol. Alcohol is used as it evaporates faster than water, meaning you can spritz on your fragrance and go, without having to wait for too long. A point to note, the alcohol used in perfumes is denatured for tax reasons so it should never be consumed.

Where is the perfume made?

The perfumes are produced in IFF's facilities in USA and Singapore.

Who is IFF?

IFF stands for International Flavors and Fragrances, a leading fragrance house with a 128 year history and incorporated in the USA. Their fragrances can be found everywhere, from prestige perfumes to functional fragrances in laundry detergent. Please go on to IFF's website for more information on what they do: http://www.iff.com/

We have collaborated with IFF in a unique partnership to create these unique and exceptional fragrances with their talented perfumers.

What is a popular combination for women?

With 40 ingredients to choose from, the combinations are limitless! One of our most popular combination for women: Jasmin, White Musk, Vanilla

What is a popular combination for men?

With 40 ingredients to choose from, the possible combinations are endless! Our most popular combination for men: Ocean, Lavender, Bergamot

How do you know which ingredients go well together?

There aren't any restrictions when it comes to personal preferences so go ahead and pick ingredients that appeal most to you. If you would like some guidance and help, feel free to contact our perfume specialists and they would be happy to assist you.

However, our perfumers at IFF/Waft, are highly skilled and trained master artists and perfumery is their craft. We leave it to them to decide which of these ingredients would blend well with each other, which is why sometimes, not all of the ingredients you have chosen would be present in your main fragrance. Having said that, each fragrance is made from at least 80 ingredients, usually more, and this produces a highly sophisticated and balanced composition.

What are the sexiest ingredients?

This is a little tricky as what one person considers sexy may not be the same as another. If we were to choose though, our picks would be woody, musky and ambery notes like white musk, amber and sandalwood as well as spices like cardamom and ginger. Orris, which smells powdery, is also a highly sought after ingredient as it is one of the most expensive raw materials. They will definitely add an air of mystery and enhance your allure.

What is layering?

Layering fragrances is the act of wearing more than one fragrance at a time. In the Middle East, people may layer up to 7 fragrances! Layering is a fun way to play with your current fragrance collection, expanding their potential and thus expressing your personality.

At Waft, we highly encourage you to layer your fragrances with the layering scents you may receive with your order, if you have opted to have them. They will definitely make your fragrance even more uniquely you!

How to layer?

There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to layering because as long as you like the end result, that's all that matters! Our beautiful Waft creations contain a high level of natural ingredients which enables them to blend smoothly with each other. So be bold, experiment, try on different combinations. When you get your fragrances with the layering scents, try on one combination on one arm and another on the other arm. You can combine just two or even all three.

We suggest that you only try this with your Waft creations, as they are created with the intention of being layered, using other fragrances may not result in the same happy outcome.

Can I wear my layering scent by itself?

Of course you can. The complimentary layering scents we supply you with your order are complete fragrances that can be worn on their own in addition to being layered with your main fragrance. If you love it and are running out of it because you wear it so much, why not consider re-ordering a full sized bottle of it? You can do that directly from your Waft Profile!

How long can I keep the perfume?

Fragrance certainly doesn’t last forever - not even our beautiful Waft creations. Twelve months is the luxury fragrance industry norm once a bottle has been opened. If not opened, and stored away from light and heat, a bottle can last two years or more. Once opened, a good way to preserve your fragrance is to keep it in the refrigerator.

How should I store my fragrances?

Bad news to those who would like to place their bottles of scented beauties on their dressing table where the sunlight shines directly on them. Perfumes are actually best kept in a cool, dry place, far away from direct sunlight. This is to hinder the process of degradation which could result in the change of odour in some ingredients. The fridge is a good place to store, in fact it is a common practice in the fragrance industry to keep fragrance oils or perfumes in fridges. If you don't have enough space in your fridge however, storing is a dark cupboard is an alternative.

Should I apply perfume on my hair?

Definitely yes! In fact, perfumer Olivier Cresp, the nose behind Light Blue (D&G), Angel (Thierry Mugler), Ange ou Demon (Givenchy) and other bestsellers, has been quoted advising people to spray fragrances in their hair which helps the scent to last longer and also improve its sillage or trail.

How much perfume should I be spraying on?

This is all up to you of course, but you should use enough that you can smell but maybe not too much where it can overwhelm your surroundings and people around you. You don't want to smell like you've poured a whole bottle of perfume on yourself. It should also be adapted according to the occasion, along with the type of fragrance. Perhaps more on a night out with the girls or on a date and lesser for work. If you are unsure of how much you should be wearing, you can ask a family member or close friend for their opinion!

Where do I spray my perfume?

There are different ways and places you can put on a spritz. Some people suggest spraying your perfume on your pulse points (inside of wrists, behind the ears); Mademoiselle Chanel advised putting the perfume where you want to be kissed; the grand dame Estée Lauder suggests spraying in the air and then walking through the cloud of fragrance, letting it settle naturally on your hair and clothes.

Our choice? Spray on your skin, a few centimeters away, so the fragrance can interact with your skin's natural heat and chemistry. Also spritz some in your hair for an alluring sillage / waft!

What is sillage and how to enhance it?

To enhance the sillage or "waft", try spraying the fragrance on your clothes and your hair. You can try spraying the perfume in the air and then walk through this cloud to allow the fragrance to envelop you.

What are unisex / shared fragrances and why they so popular now?

Unisex fragrances are not new (CK One, the first fragrance to be marketed as unisex was launched in 1994) and technically fragrances can be worn by anyone regardless of gender. In some cases fragrances which used to be worn by women have, over time found favour with the other gender. Niche / Artisan brands tend to not specify a gender for their creations which tend to be formulated to appeal to both genders. These brands, EDP Frederic Malle for example, are gaining mainstream popularity and so is their concept of rejecting gendered segregation of the fragrances.

Can I wear a fragrance meant for the opposite sex?

Definitely! Your perfume should be an extension of your individuality and personality, you should wear perfumes that make you feel at your best. Waft lab journey tip: When you go through the Waft Lab journey, do select the gender of the fragrance you prefer (masculine / unisex / feminine) and when you select a fragrance to inspire us, be sure to enter a fragrance of that gender. That way we know the direction of the fragrance you are hoping to achieve.

What can I do if I develop any allergy reactions?

You can try spraying it on your clothes or hair instead of your skin. You can also request from us the ingredients in your customised fragrance after receiving your order. For any medical questions, please consult with your doctor directly.

I can't smell the "New Me" after a while! Why?

The nose gets used to the scent and desensitises itself. After 30 minutes, you may not be able to smell your scent, but others will still be able to. You can also be daring and combine your Waft fragrances. Go easy on the re-spritzing!

Are there other things which will affect the smell of my perfume?

Age, diet, environment, and medication can all affect the smell of your fragrance.

How do we mix or select to combine the perfume without having to smell the selections first?

First of all, we do not replicate a fragrance from any brand. We suggest you go through the Waft Lab for us to understand what type of fragrance you may like as well as the activities and moods you would like to wear that fragrance. We also submit a list of ingredients to fine tune our understanding of your preferences.

You will receive a signature fragrance created by one of the most famous perfumers at International Flavours and Fragrances (IFF) which will fit best our understanding of your fragrance ‘universe’. This is the Waft experience.

The perfume we send you is crafted with the highest quality ingredients. If you receive complimentary layers they are to be sprayed over each other to create new scents that are uniquely you. All our perfumes are fully combinable, so be bold.

How do we mix or select to combine the perfume without having to smell the selections first?

Although we cannot replicate another perfume which is not selling, you can enter the perfume name during your WaftLab journey and that information, as well as your other answers during the journey will guide us in delivering a perfume that is just right for you.

Here is how it works:

1. ENTER THE LAB TO START DESIGNING YOUR OWN CUSTOM FRAGRANCE. Waft Lab takes you on a journey resulting in your perfect scent. Spend five minutes discovering the New You. You also get to choose specific ingredients if you wish or you may select a branded perfume you really like to guide us in delivering something that is just right for you.

2. SELECT YOUR PREFERENCES & REVEAL YOUR UNIQUE IDENTITIES. Click through the choices and watch as the New You is built from the ground up

3. CUSTOMISE YOUR BOTTLE & NAME YOUR FRAGRANCE. Voilà! Put the finishing touches on your creation as you name your scent and adorn the bottle with your own message.Your New You and complimentary Mini-You's and ready to go.

What kind of ingredients are in the bottle? Are they free from carcinogens?

Yes we are. All our perfumes are IFRA compliant with Eau de Parfum at 79% volume alcohol. However each fragrance has a different list of ingredients which you will receive with your product. We will only know the specific ingredients in your customised fragrance if you initiate an olfactive journey with our WaftLab. If this is an allergy concern, you can request the list of ingredients prior to us before we process your order.

Can I change my scents if I purchase the full sized order after my samples?

Head over to your profile page and "complete" your sample status, and we will receive your order right away. However, the details (eg: Bottle name, scents) of your full sized order will be exactly the same as your samples. If you wish to change anything, feel free to contact us and our friendly customer support team will assist you from there!

Do seasonal scents exist? Are some better suited for winter than summer?

Some people prefer a more full bodied and comforting scent in winter. In summer, the hot weather may make the same fragrances seem more intensely heady. In the end, there are no hard and fast rules to follow, but think of it this way: Fragrance are like a wardrobe or make up. It is not just about season. It is about multiple factors like weather, humidity, location, context, company, and atmosphere. It is about mood and emotion as much as the people we are with and the activities we are engaged in. In short, fragrance should flow with the ever-changing moments of your day, and that's what we are all about.

Waft of a perfume - does that have anything to do with diffusion?

Diffusion is the ability of a scent to reach out from your skin and surround you and others with its aura. A great perfume diffuses without distracting or overpowering.

What if I am a female but prefer masculine scents?

Only in the last century or so have distinctions been made between male and female fragrances. Scents are as distinctive as personalities. At Waft, we care about you being YOU.

Do Waft perfumes contain pheromones? Are they aphrodisiac?

There are many perfumes and fragranced body sprays (mists, deodorants, etc) advertised to make you more desirable and draw droves of admirers towards you.

However, while it may seem that perfumes help to make you appear sexier, there is no scientific evidence that fragrance is an aphrodisiac. However there is no doubt that our sense of smell is linked to our sexuality and some experts believe that the hormones secreted by the glands in our armpit and groin act as sexual attractants. The cocktail of these hormones blended with the confident/mysterious aura of your fragrance can definitely boost your sex appeal.

So while perfumes don't necessarily contain these pheromones, we can't say no to someone who smells good, especially someone wearing a Waft creation, so go ahead and spray away!

Origin of ingredients - Are Waft perfumes 100% natural? Do Waft perfumes contain synthetic ingredients?

Here at Waft, we pride ourselves in using a large amount of high quality natural essences and extracts for our beautiful and unique creations. We are often asked if our creations are 100% natural and the answer to that is no, our perfumers at IFF use a blend of natural and manmade ingredients to create fascinating accords for unique signatures.

There are some plants that simply do not produce a good yield of essential oil (for example, muguet) which means it makes more sense to re-create the fragrance in the lab. IFF also uses headspace technology to analyse the scent of many plants, even a rose they sent to space with NASA in 1998 (and yes, it smells different!). This data is then used by perfumers to replicate the odour of the plant for a natural and true to life smell.

There is also a common misconception that high quality fragrances contain only natural ingredients or that manmade ingredients are used to cheapen the formula. That is not true! Moreover if solely natural ingredients were used, iconic masterpieces such as Chanel No. 5 (Chanel, 1921) [aldehydes] and Shalimar (Guerlain, 1925) [ethylvanillin] would not have been possible!

Now you may be thinking, isn't going natural safer and less toxic? For more on this Natural vs Manmade debate, go on to read more on our blog! https://blog.waft.com

Where do your ingredients come from?

As your unique fragrance is created by a perfumer or perfumers housed in one of the world's top fragrance house that is IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances), they decide what ingredients go into the formula and these can be sourced from all over the world! For example, vanilla from Madagascar, vetiver from Haiti, orange blossom from Tunisia, Cinnamon from Java, etc.

IFF also prides itself in employing sustainable practices in the sourcing of natural ingredients from its many suppliers. Through initiatives that give back to communities, measures to minimise waste and move towards a circular economy, as well as the sharing of technical expertise with suppliers to improve oil yield and quality.

Is the perfume cruelty free?

We are against cruelty to animals. Therefore, we do not use any ingredients that were derived from animals in our fragrances. Any animalic notes such as musk or ambergris are man-made reproductions of those notes. We also do NOT test on animals.

Is it vegan?

We do not use any ingredients that were derived from animals in our fragrances. Any animalic notes such as musk or ambergris are man-made reproductions of those notes.

How long does the perfume last?

It depends of the concentration of the fragrance oil present in the fragrance, a perfume with a higher concentration typically lasts longer than one without; as well as the type of fragrance - citrus colognes consisting of mostly top notes would not be as long-lasting as oriental fragrances which contain more base notes like woods, amber and vanilla. There are other factors that play a role in the longevity of a perfume as well, like the humidity as well as the state of your skin - dry skin is less likely to hold on to fragrances.

A Waft perfume will last you about 6 to 8 hours or even longer.

Can my perfume last all day?

A Waft perfume will last between 6 to 8 hours or longer. It all depends on the concentration of the fragrance oil, composition of the fragrance and the condition of your skin. If the perfume contains mostly citrusy or fresh top notes it might not be as long-lasting as an oriental fragrance with will contain more base notes like woods, amber and vanilla. If your skin or the air around you is dry, it can also affect the longevity of your perfume as well. One way around this is to apply a cream on your skin before you apply the fragrance. If you do not want the fragrance of the cream and your perfume to mix, simply use an unfragranced cream.

Help! I can't smell my fragrance after awhile!

The nose gets used to the scent and desensitises itself, a phenomenon called nose fatigue. Though after a while you may not be able to smell your scent, others will still be able to so ask them if they can still smell your fragrance. Go easy on the re-spritzing!

Another way to overcome nose fatigue is to regularly rotate the fragrances you use, depending on your mood, the time of the day you wear it. Which is also why we recommend you to try layering the your Waft fragrances to change it up.

I am concerned about the safety / toxicological profile of these fragrances.

All our fragrances come from IFF, a leading global creator of flavors and fragrances headquartered in New York but present worldwide. IFF is a member of IFRA (http://www.ifraorg.org/) and complies with its Code of Practice and industry standards to provide safe to use fragrances.

For mutagenicity, in-vitro studies are usually sufficient for all new molecules. For skin sensitization, human patch tests (HRIPT) are used to derive potency of the reaction and recently in-vitro studies have also been validated. We would also like to invite you to visit www.iff.com for more information should you require more.

I think I am allergic to some perfumes, what can I do?

If you really are allergic to fragrances, then I'm afraid you might have to avoid wearing perfume. An allergic reaction is typically characterised by a rash on where you've applied the fragrance, itching, difficulty in breathing, unstoppable sneezing, coughing. Some people with skin reactions find a different way to wear perfumes, by spraying on their clothes, scarves, or even spray on a cotton pad which you can then tuck into a pocket. There are new jewellery and accessories like cuff links where you can spray the fragrance on a ceramic piece that is a part of the jewellery, example of this is jewellery sold by the brand By Kilian.

If you do want to continue wearing fragrances on skin, you can make an appointment with a dermatologist where they can perform a patch test with the known allergens classified by IFRA. Most perfumes now carry a label disclosing these allergens and you can check these labels to avoid the ingredient you are allergic to. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an easy way around this.

What are those names on your labels? E.g. linalool, methoxycinnamate etc.

These are identified common allergens in the fragrances which producers of the fragrances like IFF are required by regulatory bodies to declare on the label. Despite these being 'chemical names', most of these can be found naturally in essential oils, e.g. linalool in lavender, limonene from citrus oils. Should you require more information, please reach out to our customer support officers who will then direct your queries to our perfume specialists!

Can I get a free sample to try it out first?

Unfortunately no, we do not offer free samples. However you can purchase our trial samples to try it out first.

How many samples will I get and what is the cost?

Our trial sample includes a main fragrance and layering scents depending on the product offer at time of purchase. You can pick any of your layering scents to be your main fragrance, once you have decided to go for the full bottle.

The price depends on the location which you will be able to see at the checkout page.

What if I do not like the trial size samples?

Trial samples are non returnable and non-refundable.

If I like one of the samples received, how do I order that?

When a trial samples is purchased, there will be a one-time automatic reorder linked to it. This re-order will only be processed 10 days after the package has been delivered to you. You will have ample time to try the fragrances you received and expedite towards a full sized bottle or cancel the automatic re-order.

What happens if I do not cancel within 10 days?

If you do not cancel the one time re-order, within 10 days after receiving your sample order, your card will be charged automatically and you will receive the full sized bottle.

Can I have the samples with Bottle Name & Messages?

Bottle Name and Messages is only available for full sized orders. The trial sample sets will only have the initials on the bottle.

Will my sample cost be deducted from the main order?

Trial samples is a separate purchase which will NOT be deducted from the full sized order.

There are 2 ways to purchase your perfume. You can go straight for the full size and enjoy our "No questions asked, Money back guaranteed" or you can select to purchase a trial size.

Once you receive the trial size, you can try many types of layering combinations for 10 days, which is when you can decide to expedite your full size order. If you are not satisfied with the result you can cancel it and try it again.

How do I reorder my 'New You'?

1. Go to Waft.com

2. 'SIGN IN' into your Waft account/go to your New You Page on Waft.com/Profile

3. Scroll to the order with the scents which you wish to reorder

4. Click on the green button that says ‘ORDER AGAIN’

5. You should see the checkout page after Step #4

6. Enter your delivery & card details

7. Scroll down and click the red button that says ‘PLACE ORDER’

8. Your order should be placed if all the details entered are valid in Step #7

How long will the refund take to reflect on my card?

Processing times of refund and fees may lety according to your credit card issuing bank and can take between five to ten working days. If there is any information you need from us in order to fast track this refund with your issuing bank please do not hesitate to contact us!

How do I cancel the full order after purchasing the samples?

As our automatic reorder happens 10 days after you receive your trials, you can head over to http://waft.com/profile and cancel your sample status within this period. Please be advised that if you do not cancel within the 10 days, you will be charged and we will be sending you the full size bottle. Do note that refunds WILL NOT be given after charging of the automatic reorder.

I have problems with the site, what should I do?

1) Please ensure that you are running the latest versions and updates of your operating system and browser

2) Please try reloading the browser and the page

3) Please try using a different device or browser

If none of this helps, please send us an email to support@waft.com and provide the information about the device and browser that you are using along with your public IP address, so that our technical team can investigate it further. You may search for "my ip" in Google to find out your public IP address.